Twitchange raises $0.5m in a few days

A Twitter campaign to raise money for a Haitian shelter raised $540,631.25 in just a few days – by auctioning celebrity tweets. It’s an interesting twist on celebrity auctions, as people were paying thousands of dollars for something that would be scrolled off their screen in moment. Celebrities auctioned either a follow, a mention, a retweet – or a package of all three. As the auction went on, the famous names were adding extras to increase their value – such as a phone call or Skype call.

The auction was organised by Eva Longoria, and the list of celebrities she signed up was impressive, and truly global. A handful of celebs quickly became a very long list through peer pressure. You might turn down a charity appearance if you’re a celeb – but if you’re asked in public? As each celeb forwarded it to their contacts, the list grew to encompass nearly everyone famous on Twitter – and many who you’ve never heard of.

It all goes to show how quickly life moves in the social media world, and how much impact a public conversation can have – very quickly. And it’s an amazing use of social media to do some real good to help those in need.

The auctions are now over, but you can still see the list of celebrities who participated – and you can donate – here.

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