Backgrounds for New Twitter

Have you got New Twitter? Do you love it? (I do).

The only drawback is that if you had a custom Twitter background, the changed sizes mean that it probably just doesn’t look right with the new layout. What to do?

Whether your old background is broken, or you never had one but would like to, you have an excellent, instant option to make Twitter look good – Themeleon. In Twitter, go to the ‘Settings’ menu item (dropdown menu under your Twitter ID, at the top right of the screen). Then, from the settings page, choose the ‘Design’ tab. This gives you the standard handful of backgrounds to choose from, and….

At the bottom right of the sidebar, is a section saying “Get more creative. Check out Themeleon”. Click on it – go on, I dare you! Suddenly, you’re in a whole different world. You’ll need to give Themeleon permission to access your Twitter account, so that it can set the new colours and background, but you don’t have to do that straight away.

You have choices. At the top is a range of themes, which you can scroll to the left or right to see more. There are some fabulous and fantastic choices – literally fantastic. Or, if none appeal, you can choose a background and colour palette separately.

It’s very quick to change your Twitter page completely, or you can take hours browsing through all the options to find the perfect choice. I went for something colourful and high-energy. What will your choice be?

Don’t forget to click the ‘Login to Twitter’ button when you’ve made your choice, so that Themeleon can actually set your Twitter page with your choices. If you come up with a great colour combo, tweet me so that I can come and have a look!

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