Resolution Updates

So, on March 1st I posted my six resolutions for 2013. It’s now mid-May, 2.5 months on, so time for a check-in on my progress. To be on target to achieve my goals by the end of the year, I should have achieved 1.5 of them. How am I actually doing?


  • Cut out caffeine: done! I don’t drink diet coke, coffee or tea day-to-day now: not even on days when I feel tired. +1.
  • Eat less sugar: not done (yet). This is my next top priority to work on.
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week: not done (yet). Pick this up later this year, as cutting out excess sugar first will make it much easier to find the energy.


  • Tidy and simplify my stuff: good progress. I’ve cleared out lots of stuff, but there’s more junk I could get rid of. I’m giving myself a 0.5 on this one.
  • Plan my relaxation time (to make sure I get some): not done (yet).
  • Get enough sleep: not done (yet). This is the other thing I’m focusing on right now, as it will also help me find the energy to achieve the other goals.

Total: 1.5 / 6 – on track!


It would be easy to think I’ve failed if I’d just expected to do all of these resolutions from day one. But actually, I’m doing well. If I carry on making improvements at the same rate, I’ll have achieved my goals by the end of the year. Go me!

NB. This post might sound a bit self-congratulatory – but that’s the point! One of the biggest things to help you change is congratulating yourself when you make progress. Don’t just look at where you are, look at how far you’ve come and reward yourself for moving in the right direction.

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