Resolution Updates

Back on March 1st, I posted my resolutions for 2014. It’s now the end of November, and I’m running out of time. How am I doing?


  • Cut out caffeine. Done. So done. I’m even at the stage that I can have an occasional coffee, in a restaurant for instance, without it triggering cravings again. I think this is down to…
  • Cut out sugar. Done – tentatively. I’ve completed a Whole 30, and I’m on my second. I’m loving it, and I feel so much better. But I would be lying if I said all my sugar cravings are gone, or that I can have sugar without it leading to more sugar. So for now – tentative, but still proud of the achievement.
  • Exercise. Nope. Got to work on this one. I’ve been doing some exercise here and there – more than I used to – but it’s not a solid habit yet. I’m doing P90 right now, hopefully when I get to the end of that the habit will be bedded in.


  • Tidy, simplify. Good progress. A bit of a cheat here: I moved house, and just didn’t take a lot of the junk with me. I was fairly ruthless about it. And in the new house, I’m making sure I have regular clearouts so that the junk doesn’t build up. But I’ve still got a few bits to sort out, so… Good progress. Maybe give myself 70-80% on this one.
  • Relaxation time. Hmm, it’s hard to call this one. I got made redundant back in July, and I’m going to be studying for a couple of years, so I have more time to relax. But that wasn’t the point. The point was to make time for relaxation, and treat it as a priority in my ‘ToDo’ list. And I still slightly tend to fill up my time. So I think I’ll call this one Not Done.
  • Get enough sleep. Mostly done. The Whole 30 is helping me sleep a lot better, as is installing f.lux and Twilight on my computer/tablet to avoid blue light in the evening. Again, I need to make sure this is a solid habit rather than just a feature of having some free time at the moment.

So overall, I’m not doing too badly. A few things I need to keep focusing on in December and into the New Year, but I feel fairly proud of myself. Of course, it’s important to mention that this all got helped massively by being made redundant and starting to study again, which means that I have much less stress and much more free time. Still at least I’ve used some of that time constructively to make some good changes.

Roll on December, and 2015!

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