New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

So, first things first. I will not make resolutions like “Every day I will…” or “I will never”. Those are just asking to fail. My resolutions need to be something I want to achieve by year-end, that I need to do regularly – but not every day. Last year’s list is a good example…

Resolutions 2014 – Update

  • Cut out caffeine – DONE. I’ve broken my caffeine habit. Better still, since my Whole 30, I can now drink caffeine occasionally without it triggering my habit again!
  • Cut out sugar – DONE. One Whole 30 completed, another one underway. I’ve got my weight down to the lowest it’s been since I had my son, and my BMI is “normal” (started the year as “obese”).
  • Exercise – DONE. I’ve started running a few times a week, and even better, I’m enjoying it and get cross when I can’t. I haven’t quite figured out school holidays yet though – I’ll need to sort that before summer.
  • Tidy, simplify – GOOD PROGRESS. I’ve done quite a lot, but there’s more to do to build the solid habits that I want.
  • Relaxation time scheduled – NOT DONE.
  • Get enough sleep – NOT DONE. Improvement, but I haven’t got solid sleep habits yet.

So, mixed. I achieved some of the key health goals that I set myself, but haven’t made a couple of the lifestyle changes that I wanted to make to destress. I can live with that. It’s solid progress, if not perfect.

Resolutions 2015

These will get tweaked a bit during the year to set more concrete targets for the ones that are still vague, but I’m going to put down what I have so far.

Health and Fitness

  • Learn more healthy recipes, so my meals are more varied.
  • Get my son into healthy eating habits – and eat at the dining table not in front of the TV!
  • Regular cardio and strength workouts – strength at least 2x a week, and get to running half-marathon distance.


  • Tidy, simplify. This is a carry-over from last year: I’ve made progress, and it’s improved my life. Do more (or less).
  • Plan my time better so I have relaxation time rather than a permanent to-do list.
  • Sort out my finances and cut my spending down (I’m a student now!)


  • Make a study schedule and stick to it regularly: break the at-the-last-minute habit.
  • Get distinction-level marks in my study assignments. Don’t settle for less.

This seems like a reasonable list of my priorities right now, but if I’ve forgotten anything, I’ll tweak. I don’t want to fail because I didn’t put the effort in, but life can mean that re-prioritization sometimes makes sense. Let’s see how it goes.

Happy 2015, everyone!

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