What’s really wrong with Greece?

Interesting summary of what’s going on in Greece by Paul Mason: http://blogs.channel4.com/paul-mason-blog/greece-referendum-euro-die/3978

“The press and TV are owned by billionaires … there’s no regulation, so the incessant talk channels – which pay no tax, and no licence fees for the airwaves – will simply churn out a bleach-blond version of what their bosses want to hear.

“[the Greek right] want Europe to go on ignoring corruption, tax evasion and oligarchy on a grand scale, and to go on crashing our economy at the expense of the poor.”

“When the elected ministers of the Eurogroup saw what the EC, IMF and ECB had proposed they rowed back. “We can’t get this through our own parliaments” they said: it’s too soft.”

The interesting thing is that the Conservatives keep running the “Don’t Vote Labour! They’re financially irresponsible! We’ll end up like Greece!” argument, but these problems – corporations and the rich paying no tax, no media regulation, a government over-exposed to lobbying by the rich and powerful – these are the end state of a Conservative government, not a Labour one.

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