Novels are hungry #NaNoWriMo

My goodness, novels are hungry. I’ve written 3,126 words today, and there are 1,641 more words until I’m caught up with the target.

I’ve had a really productive few days – several thousand words per day – and I’ve caught up a big deficit to get back (nearly) on track. But for the same reason, I’ve realised how amazing hungry novels are. I’ve poured words into Scrivener, flooding through my fingers in their thousands and disappearing into the void of the empty novel. So many thousands gone, but so many still to go!

I’ve also realised that although it’s getting easier to write as I gain practice, it’s also getting harder to write as I go through the novel. I’ve written the easier bits, the better thought-out bits, and now I’m tackling the harder parts. The parts where perhaps the plot is a bit too thin to fill the wordcount. The parts where I’m not really sure of what should happen next. All those bits are still waiting for me, voraciously, with mouths open to swallow the words I feed them.

13 more days, counting today, to finish the book I’ve been wanting to write for the last ten years. 21,641 more words to feed the monster.

I’m loving it. Let’s go.

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