Why I Will Not Stop “Moaning” About Brexit

I just had a discussion on Facebook, prompted by this article, and I would like it to have a wider audience. Because I am pissed off.

Leave voters, who wanted out of the EU, are arguing that it would be unfair if some Britons are allowed to keep their EU citizenship because it would be “discrimination”. FFS. Now I think it’s quite unlikely that some Brits will get to choose to keep their EU citizenship, but that’s a side issue.

Rant warning….

What pisses me off is that I’m losing a whole bunch of rights. I’m losing my EU citizenship. I’m losing my right to vote in EU elections. I’m losing my right to travel freely in Europe. I’m losing my right to live in Europe. I have no say in this, it’s all being taken away from me without my consent. And Leave voters are saying “Just stop moaning”. NO. Like fuck! I’d like to see them not moan if they suddenly had a whole bunch of rights taken away from them. And instead they’re complaining at the *horror* that they might not be able to deny me those rights, and I might get to choose to keep them? I’m fucking furious. I WILL NOT shut up about having my rights taken away without my consent, no matter how many other people voted for it. It. Is. Not. Okay.

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