Sympathy for the Fascist

I was reading today about Peter Cvjetanovic, identified as an “angry racist” from the Charlottesville march this weekend, and his claim that he’s “not the angry racist that they see in that photo”. And his classmates’ response that yes, he is.

The guy is clearly a low-life. Many on the left are hoping that he never gets a job, that this taints him for life. And then it occured to me: that’s what the Fascists want, too.

They want their followers to be nobodies, with no hope, who don’t believe they can think for themselves. They want grunts with no faith in their own abilities, who can be taught to kick down and salute up.

When we tell a Fascist that they’re a nobody, we cement them into their organisations, because they have nowhere else to go.

They would rather be a Fascist than a nobody – that’s already the choice they were faced with, and made, and we’re just confirming it for them.

So: Fascists, if you’re reading this (unlikely, I know) – you can be somebody. You can be anybody. But not on the path you’re on. Because your leaders don’t want you to be somebody. They want you to be a cog in the machine that’s lifting them up – and leaving you stuck right where you are.

They want you to recite the talking points they gave you (yes, James Damore, I’m talking to you too) and not question them. They want you to know that your leaders in your little Fascist club are smarter than you and better than you, and you’d better follow them because no-one else can help you.

But they’re wrong. You can be better than gunfodder, and you can do better things that beat up on women and black people. You just have to decide to do it. This is literally your choice. Be a nobody in the Fascist cause, beating up other people to feel less useless, or start to take control of your own life.

Your choice.

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