Yes, it is possible to be pro-trans and criticise the proposed GRA changes

There is a lot of publicity on social media around the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act 2004, and the consultation on those changes. Much of that publicity treats this consultation as if it were a Yes/No referendum on whether trans people deserve rights. Much of this publicity is from Stonewall, who are well aware that this is not true.

The consultation is actually just that – asking people what they think about the proposed changes. It is not binding. It is not a Yes/No vote. It is a chance to comment. You can say what is good about the changes, what is bad about them, and what you think has been omitted (*cough* recognising non-binary people *cough*).

Sadly, there is a lot to criticise in the proposals, but none of it is the fact that the changes seek to help trans people change their legal gender. The problem is that the changes are very poorly-defined changes to already poorly-defined law, and many people are not really sure what the effects will be. That is a bad law, even when the intention is good, and it should be criticised. It is not anti-trans to do so.

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