Android Apps for Kids

I’ve been meaning for some time to post a quick summary of apps my son has enjoyed. I’ve grouped them roughly by the age group he liked them at. This isn’t meant to be comprehensive by any means, it’s just a few apps we like.


  • Nearly every game by Intellijoy: our absolute favourites and my son’s staple games at this age.
  • Baby Piano
  • I Just Forgot – a nice story that will read itself out loud, so good for non- or early readers.
  • Juno Junior – this is a fantastic story/game based on learning about music.
  • Montessori Words – great for a child just starting phonics.


Key Stage 1 (Years 1-2)

  • Camera MX – my Nexus doesn’t seem to have a decent camera app, but this worked well.
  • Enjoy Learning Addition, Enjoy Learning Multiplication – select the right numbers to get the total. A fun game, and beautiful design.
  • Enjoy Learning Anatomy, Enjoy Learning World Map – again, beautiful apps. These are jigsaw-based games to learn the parts of the body (bones and organs) and the countries of the world. There are others: maps of Japan, France, US, Germany.
  • Google Play Music, and Amazon MP3 – in Year One, my son has got really into pop music, and loves being able to carry his music around on the tablet to listen to.
  • Dinosaur Chess – this is a great game, as it’s fun to play and also explains the rules of chess. If you have a child who likes to do everything themselves, this lets them learn chess independently.
  • Squeebles Addition – this gives points for doing add/subtract questions that you can trade in for upgraded carts and turns at a racing game. It’s actually motivated my son to do maths practice. There’s also a Squeebles spelling app, which we haven’t tried yet.