Let’s Build Reservoirs!

There was a lovely quote today in an article on the BBC News site.

‎”We don’t really want to build a lot of reservoirs now and then find we just spent hundreds of millions of pounds and the water sort of just sits there looking nice and we use it for boating” – Colin Green, professor of water economics at the University of Middlesex.

Really? Because maybe he’s phrased it badly, or maybe he’s trying reverse psychology – but that sounds pretty good to me.

Let’s consider the alternatives. Things that are more worthwhile than reservoirs:

  • the NHS
  • schools, education and libraries
  • support for people who are vulnerable

… but the government has already made it very clear that it’s cutting back on those, come hell or high water.

So our actual options are:

  • reservoirs
  • dodgy PFI schemes that cost a fortune but deliver no actual service
  • tax cuts for the very wealthy
  • another bank bailout
  • another war

So, can we build the reservoirs now please? That way, at least when the weather gets hotter, we’ll be able to sit near the water and sunbathe.