Bother with Blackberrys

The life of a technoholic is hard. You want to use technology throughout your life to make it simpler, but sometimes making things simpler can be terribly complicated.

Take my Blackberry, for instance. It’s a wonderful device, which let’s me be phoneable or available by email whenever and wherever. Except of course the other week when I had a few days off work and set out for the day, trusty Blackberry in hand. Making it into London, I stopped for a coffee in the basement of Waterstones. After twenty minutes I checked my BB and found that it had been frantically trying and failing to get signal, and like an abandoned soda, it had got warm and flat. And I needed to be callable later that day.

Next step, look for a charger. With a vision of a handy wind-up charger in my mind’s eye, I trawled Tottenham Court Road. Nope. There were indeed wind-up chargers, but not that would work with a mini-USB port. I was offered something I could charge at home and take with me to boost a flat Blackberry – definitely useful next time, but not alas this time. Or a promising device that took a single AA battery and promised to charge the BB. (I took it, and it didn’t). And a regular mains cable. Much walking later, I found a Starbucks with a laptop point where I finally got to charge the blessed thing – just in time to get the call I was waiting for. Phew!

Then there’s trying to blog from a Blackberry. After much investigation, and having found some non-standard settings from my ISP, and changed my blog to another location, and trying two different lots of software to create the blog… I’ve reached the following conclusion. If you’re trying to blog from your Blackberry, don’t.

Of course, I never take my own advice, so this is posted from my Blackberry, which I will continue to use in defiance of all logic for everything I can.

At least until I buy an iPad.